Ja takk, jeg vil gjerne ha nyhetsbrev fra Kritikerlaget.

31. mars: søknadsfrist A.I.C.T-kritikerseminar i Serbia

Kritikerseminar for teaterkritikere under 35 år. Nye seminar også i Spania og og Argentina i oktober! Les mer på: http://aict-iatc.org (klikk på: <LINK http://aict-iatc.org>nouvelles)

Kritikerlaget 23. februar 2007

Novi Sad, Serbia ? May : Applications are welcome now!


  • The Sterijino Pozorje festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, has developed into a meeting point for contemporary theatre. Novi Sad is a charming University town on the Danube, two hours journey from Belgrade, with its own National Theatre.
    The festival invites young theatre critics to an IATC seminar to take place during the first week of the festival from May 28 to June 2. (Date of arrival: May 27, day of departure: June 3.) There will be places for 15 participants, 10 international and 5 from Serbia. Participants should be under 35 years of age and have at least a year experience of published theatre criticism.
    The seminar is entitled IN/OUT of context and will focus on questions regarding the work of theatre critics in international festivals and in new places. Important theatre names travel around the theatre world and critics as well as audiences more and more often visit international productions.
    How is the local context to be evaluated? How does one embrace and experience productions coming from different societies? How can we share these aspects with the readers of our reviews?
    The seminar will be directed by the ? French critic Jean-Pierre Han, who will monitor ? the French speaking participants, together with Andrea Tompa, from Hungary, monitoring the English speaking ones. The seminar?s host, the festival, offers hotel, meals and theatre tickets to the participants. Travel to Belgrade is to be covered by the participants themselves; the festival will provide a shuttle service from the airport to Novi Sad.
    Applications should be adressed to Jean-Pierre Han by e-mail exclusively, jp.han@free.fr before March 31th a recommendation from the <LINK http://kritikerlaget.no/index.php?id=23>national IACT section is compulsory.